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Two of the last huskies in Antarctica are now on display in Melbourne Museum's main foyer. This picture shows two of the last older huskies, Morrie and Ursa - they formed part of the Museum's International Polar Year display.

These Huskies were tanned using Pizzari Tanning.


Many of Trevor Willis' mounts have been tanned using Pizzari Tanning.

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Your hunting trophies are irreplaceable. They deserve to be professionally and artistically mounted to ensure others can appreciate them as much as you do. Trevor Willis combines his years of hunting experience and taxidermy skills to consistently produce mounts of exceptional quality. His attention to detail and finish is excellent.

Trevor has mounted four trophy heads for me in the last few years and I have no hesitation in recommending his work to anyone who wants high quality, creative and lifelike taxidermy.

John Dunn
Hunting author and writer.
Senior Correspondent, Australian Shooter magazine


Risto has been making Macedonian Goatskin Bagpipes using Pizzari Home Tanning Kits.

Macedonian gaida's made of goatskin

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Flat skins tanned with Pizzari Tanning.